Testimonials from Retreat Attendees

Below is what some of the young ladies who have attended the retreat have to say!

“I was so blessed and encouraged by the young women's retreat! I loved the fellowship, quiet atmosphere, challenging sessions, delicious food, and girl time. It was definitely a highlight of my year! “

“The Young Ladies Retreat meant allot to me. I learned so many things in a short time. Built strong, lasting relationships. The sessions convicted and strengthened me so much, and the one on one conversations were precious!”

“I know that, for me, Allison's girl's retreat was very special. I came feeling tired, both physically and spiritually, and left with a new sense of joy in Christ and in being a part of God's family. It was a time of conviction and encouragement as we listened, learned, discussed and just had fun together. God really used the retreat to show me more of Himself, and I came away blessed. “

"The young women's retreat was such a blessing for my sista and I to attend.  It was so refreshing to have a few days to spend with other like-minded young ladies who all loved JESUS!  One of the best things about Retreat is the focus on Jesus+God's Word.  I came away from Retreat encouraged and ready to press on+serve the Lord in whatever ways He brings across my path!"

“I so highly recommend this fabulous retreat! Two words that come to mind are REFRESHING and SPECIAL. You will be well fed with both encouragement from God's Word (prepare to scribble notes like crazy, because the sessions are absolutely excellent!), sweet fellowship, and scrumptious food. Of the retreats I've been to, this schedule is the perfect combination of beautifully flexible yet structured - plenty of time for both quiet time with Jesus, sessions, and many vibrant memories/laughs/adventures.”

“I think the best part for me was the fellowship and encouragement from both the teaching times and from being with other young ladies who love the Lord. I told my Mama on the way home that my cup was so full, I would "live" on what I learned for a long time! Such a blessing.”

"The retreat was really a time of refreshment and blessing to me. The sweet fellowship with other daughters of God was a blessing. What a special time of learning and mutual discipleship!"

“First of all, I just have to say how much I enjoyed the retreat! It was fantastic. I have to admit, I was pretty nervous about going to retreat where the majority of people were strangers. I had absolutely no idea what to expect. Never did I think I would meet such sweet, kind girls full of Jesus and His love. As soon as I got to the retreat, I realized this was going to be unlike any other I had attended. It was actually centered around Jesus, rather than Him being merely fit into it.  Everything, from the food to the sessions, was positively wonderful. If I were ever to rate my experience, I would give it 6 out of 5 stars.”

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